Indy Data Partners: Response to Covid-19

With the Covid-19 outbreak actively reshaping businesses operations, companies are looking at how best to allocate resources to meet the changing demands. As decisions are made to handle this crisis, businesses are rightfully putting the health and safety of their employees, clients, and partners at the forefront of all decisions.

At Indy Data Partners, we too have responded to the crisis by moving all workers into a complete telework model and are thankful that technology has evolved over the past decades to allow for such a smooth transition. In support of our clients, our primary business goals remain the same: to maintain IT operations, to help limit any extraneous issues, and to continue our forward momentum on any open IT projects. Now more than ever our client’s and their employees need reliable, secure, and timely access to their data. If you are having difficulty during this transition and would like our team’s assistance – we stand ready to help. Indy Data Partners, as our name implies, is a Hoosier company. We care about our local economy, and care about the clients that have entrusted us with the support of their critical data-systems and applications. We have seasoned, professional, and local IT teams equipped for remote support that can assist with everything from the operating systems, databases, and end-user applications to the overall security of those key systems.

We are truly all in this together as we continue to successfully navigate our way forward. If you have any questions for our team or would like to know more about how Indy Data Partners could assist your business during this time, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I can be reached directly at

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