Thank you for a great first five years!

Happy 5-year anniversary, IDP team and clients!

Prior to co-founding Indy Data Partners with partner, Angie Gleim, Vice President, we had many strategic conversations as to where we wanted to take the company. Conversations quickly included Amy Reeves in finance to help make the numbers work, Arie Jones, my fellow veteran partner, and eventually each of you that joined our team as entrepreneurs. Many of you have been with me loyally and faithfully for many years now. We have weathered storms together and had each other’s back. We have enriched one another’s lives in many ways and built each other up personally, professionally, and technically. Thank you for letting me drag you all into this venture with me.

The vision was to create an employee-owned and managed IT consulting company from an existing division. Data-centric IT services is what we are about, and we are determined to maintain our focus in that area. We continue to raise the bar for professionalism and client service in an IT-driven world that too often seems impersonal. Let’s not forget the faith our clients had in us from day one, as well as the dedication and sacrifice that our founding shareholders and team members willingly gave. When I look back, I remember an exciting time; a busy time.  I remember the personal investments many of you made, particularly with your time and selflessness. We have always excelled in hiring the best IT professionals that also have great people skills, and each of you continue to perpetuate the culture I have always dreamed to have in a company. A culture where people don’t rush out the door when the bell rings. A culture where employees take initiative to give whatever it takes to deliver for our clients. A culture where we support one another. Our senior staff has continued to rise to new challenges, year after year, staying ahead of the technology curve.  Our newer staff has and continues to be eager to learn, as they are mentored by fellow team members. The leadership I see is amazing, and I am proud. Lastly, thank you to your families for the patience and support they give each of you.  That is critical to the success of anything these days.

I welcome what the next 5 years has to offer our organization, and look forward to seeing each of you grow with Indy Data Partners. I am eager to see how we will adapt to the technologies we support, and how we can apply those data-centric technologies to contribute to the success of our valued clients. Thanks again to all of our clients, partners, and advisors. I was advised over 20 years ago to surround myself with good people, and that I have done. There is no question about that.

Ryan Stephens, President

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