Oracle Engineered Systems

Oracle Database Support

Designed, engineered, and tested to work together, Oracle engineered systems take infrastructure and software optimization to the next level. With simplified deployment, maintenance, and support, Oracle Engineered systems offer a complete package of server, storage, and networking that is engineered for ease, simplicity, and future growth. As an Oracle Gold Partner, we specialize in the Oracle Database Appliance and the Oracle MiniCluster and have certified professionals who can architect, implement, and manage these systems.

Indy Data partners supports the following:

  • Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) and MiniCluster Selection and Procurement
  • ODA and MiniCluster Installation Planning
  • ODA and MiniCluster Physical Setup and Cabling
  • ODA and MiniCluster Configuration
  • ODA and MiniCluster Database Migration
  • ODA and MiniCluster Performance Tuning
  • Ad-hoc Support for most Minicluster and ODA systems
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Database Services Administration


Database Backup and DR

Backup and DR

Database Services Optimization


Database Security


Oracle Engineered Systems

Oracle Engineered Systems

Licensing Procurement

Licensing Procurement

Database Services Health Check

Health Check


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