Database Backup and DR

A solid backup and recovery strategy is critical to ensuring your business data is secure.

Determining your risk factors and tolerance for data loss is a driving force in developing the correct path for your backup and recovery strategy. Indy Data Partners has vast experience in assisting clients with identifying those factors and understanding requirements to build a robust backup strategy that meets their needs. Indy Data Partners’ administrators offer expert advice and implementation your company can rely on to ensure there is little or no data loss in the event something happens.

Indy Data Partners’ backup and recovery services provide:

  • Expert advice and planning for your environment and business requirements
  • An extensive knowledge base for backup and recovery operations and issues • Implementation using Microsoft best practices
  • Mentoring staff on backup and recovery operations
  • Advice for Microsoft feature usage and licensing • Restores and recoveries of data set
  • Emergency backup and recovery support
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Database Services Administration


Database Backup and DR

Backup and DR

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Oracle Engineered Systems

Oracle Engineered Systems

Licensing Procurement

Licensing Procurement

Database Services Health Check

Health Check


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