Cloud services cloud strategy

Put your business in the cloud to maximize hardware and management resources.

Consolidation of hardware and investing in cloud based architecture allows you so save on resource consumption and overhead. Whether it is a public or private cloud based model, Indy Data Partners can help you achieve your goals. Investigation into the marketplace can be challenging to choose what is right for you. Indy data Partners can work with you to identify the resources that would benefit most from this architecture and compose a migration plan. With experience gained from previous implementations, Indy Data Partners can help guide you in the right direction to achieve a consolidated environment.

Indy Data Partners’ cloud services provide:

  • Skilled engineers to work with client resources to identify consolidation potential
  • A knowledge base for what works and what doesn’t
  • Suggestions for products that can be tailored to fit current and future needs
  • Advice for vendor-specific usage and licensing
  • Office 365, Azure, Oracle Cloud, VMware Cloud Solutions
Cloud services cloud strategy

Cloud Strategy

cloud services cloud integration

Cloud Integration

cloud services cloud migration

Cloud Migration


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