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Migrate your data, without disrupting your business.

Whether your organization is migrating to the cloud from an in-house environment or from one cloud to another, Indy Data Partners provides end-to-end cloud migration services to ensure that your data and application functionality is seamlessly transferred. When possible, Indy Data Partners utilizes automation tools to assess your configuration and better understand system interdependencies and available tools to assist with the data transfer.

Clients looking for assistance with their Cloud Migration can expect:

  • Migration projects completed on time and within budget
  • Efforts to reduce the migration downtime window
  • Maximized testing before the actual go-live date
  • Completed due diligence in advance
  • Data and application performance at or above pre-migration performance
  • Pre-and post-migration training to ensure success
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Cloud Strategy

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Cloud Integration

cloud services cloud migration

Cloud Migration


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