business intelligence strategy design

Successful BI starts with a solid foundation.

Companies and their employees are experiencing a higher need for self-service access to more types of data than ever before. Successful Business Intelligence solutions help eliminate costly decisions based on inaccurate data, while increasing productivity, generating a deeper understanding of the business and optimizing business performance. Whether your business is just starting on your BI path, or if your business is looking for ways to enhance your current BI platform, Indy Data Partners offers a BI assessment that measures your readiness for BI or your organization’s BI maturity.

Indy Data Partners’ Business Intelligence team will conduct an in-depth analysis of user needs and business requirements to ensure an accessible, user friendly and scalable BI platform. From mapping out the logical and physical architecture to ETL design and OLAP cubes, our process results in a detailed technical project plan and scope document for the development, implementation, and enhancement of your BI solution.

The Indy Data Partners BI Assessment Includes Review of:

  • Enterprise Goals
  • Current Challenges
  • Data Quality
  • Data Governance
  • Visualization Needs
  • User Analysis
  • Data Sources
  • Data Integration Requirements
  • Data Management Requirements
business intelligence strategy design

BI Assessment

business intelligence reporting analytics

Analytics and Reporting

business intelligence bi assessment

ETL and Data Integration Solutions

business intelligence enterprise data warehousing

Enterprise Data Warehousing


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