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Indy Data Partners’ portal offerings and services span from portal selection and planning to implementation and training. We have extensive experience implementing SharePoint Server and open source portal solutions. Our custom components enable your enterprise to gain increased functionality over that provided “out-of-the-box”. Whether it is a SharePoint Server or a custom portal solution providing single point of entry, our frameworks and tools will accelerate development and provide needed solutions.

We assist our clients in the identification, quantification, capture and organization of their knowledge and intellectual capital. We help with varied business needs such as reducing time to find existing information, involving experts within and outside of the organization more closely in problem-solving and decision making, capturing and preserving the knowledge of an aging and retiring workforce, and facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing across different organizations and geographies.

From the outset we work with our clients to ensure that the proposed SharePoint program addresses the critical factors for their business success and articulate these and the expected benefits in a well-prepared business case and plan for the successful SharePoint infrastructure initiative. Whatever our client’s SharePoint or knowledge management need, Indy Data Partners’ consultants work carefully with them at each stage, to help achieve a successful, timely, and cost-effective solution.

Indy Data Partners’ Portal Offerings provide:

  • Project Planning and Consulting
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Architecture
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Training
  • Maintenance
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