What Our Clients Are Saying

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Uma Veedu, Ipsos

“Since 2008, IDP (formerly PTI) has been providing remote DBA services for all our mission critical SQL Server database systems. Besides remote monitoring, they are adept at identifying and optimizing performance issues. They have automated so many of our process, the daily reports are a boon. They are extremely quick at responding to critical alerts, can’t think of an incident when they failed to so. The team members are skilled and professional. Extremely pleased with the company’s services.”

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President/CEO ConnectMe, LLC

“We originally needed a DBA service for our Oracle database, but we are now also using IDP for implementation and maintenance of our SAN, and other hardware components. They keep our database and SAN up and running, and are always there to help us in emergency situations with top levels of expertise.  This expertise also made a big difference when migrating to Oracle RAC and a SAN, for which IDP had helped us to make the right choices, and implement the new solution with no down time. Keeping our database up and running at all times, and being available to do emergency work late nights, or weekends without any notice has been extremely valuable for us.”

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Larry C Verbelun, President/CEO

“The talented and professional team at IDP is truly a pleasure to work with.  As our long-time partners in database development and management as well as building and maintaining our complex client portal, IDP has proven time and time again that they can take on any challenge to help us run smoothly and constantly improve our business operations to provide the best services for our clients.  Every person we have worked with at IDP has taken the time to completely understand the underlying reasons for any requests we’ve made for potential modifications to our systems, and this commitment to knowing our business ensures that everything IDP does for us continuously meets or exceeds our high standards.  We know that we can rely on IDP to be responsive and professional, and would recommend them to any business seeking a dependable partner in IT solutions.”

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