Challenging the belief that ‘bigger must be better,’ Indy Data Partners takes a personalized approach. We intentionally retain our boutique structure to ensure that each of our clients receive a solution not only tailored to their exact specifications, but delivered by consultants that they know and trust.

– We truly understand that there is no ‘one size fit’s all’ solution. We design our services, everything from contract type and support structure to service level and resources, to meet your specific needs, requirements, and wishes. We also understand and expect that throughout our relationship, your business will grow and change, and so will your IT needs. We stand ready to adapt our services to meet those changing needs.

  • Quick and easy, no penalty contract cancellation
  • Flexible payment structure: hourly, fixed-rate, monthly or quarterly
  • ‘You-call’ support hours: 24x7x365, day time, after-hours, weekends, and/or holidays

Human Engagement – Indy Data Partners promotes a collaborative approach and close working relationship between our team and our clients. We find that collaborative teams are more successful as strategies are aligned, and all expectations are communicated and understood. To encourage this, clients are assigned named technical resources who are all US citizens located in the Midwest. At any time, our clients may directly call, email, and schedule face-to-face meetings with their assigned IDP team. We want our team to know our clients’ business. By working closely together, our team understands the intricacies of each client environment leading to business and IT strategy alignment, quicker issue resolution, and trust.

  • Recurring/known engineers – reduces system acclimation period
  • Direct dial, cell phone, and toll free group numbers for easy access to the team
  • We’ll meet at your office!

Collaborative, Senior Team – We not only promote collaboration between our team and our clients, but also internally. On average, our executive leadership and sales team members have for more than eight years working together. Our consultants have an average of 13 years’ experience within their specialty area, and have worked side by side on client projects an average of 6 years. This team familiarity drives faster resolution times to our client’s unique requests, ensures the right resources are assigned to the right projects, and promotes positive internal communication to better help service your account. Our consultant practical expertise in the field, internal collaboration, and longevity within the organization ensures that we deliver a consistent, knowledgeable team to our clients.

Value – Based on an average index of 100, Indiana ranks 85 overall for affordability and relative cost of living. This lower than average cost of living translates to a lower national price point for many of our services. Our flexibility, human engagement model, senior team, and reasonable fees combine to offer expert solutions within your budget.

Our Clients Agree – Visit our testimonials area or contact us to be put in touch directly with one of our clients. Hear firsthand how Indy Data Partner stands up to our promise of delivering high-value, quality technical services with a personal touch.

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